Infrastructure Solutions

  • Design and implementation of network and computing infrastructures (server, storage systems, virtualization systems).
  • Management of large groups of equipment and automation of networks.
  • Designing and implementing projects to provide comprehensive IT security.
  • Implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring systems based on commercial products and open source solutions.
  • Service support.

Storage systems

  • Storage Systems are designed to work with online data and implemented as a complete physical device.
  • SMART helps companies to focus on their business and it offers the storage space for all their works as it is easy to access. 

VoIP telephony

  • In order to save money, most businesses are now folding their telecommunications infrastructure in with their data services.
  • VoIP telephony is extensible and customizable, offering advanced options compared to traditional telecommunications systems.

Support Services

  • Our Support Services provide you with telephone-based and ticket-based technical support.
  • Smart team is always available for solving your IT issues.

Disaster preparedness

Business interruption can cost a company millions of dollars. Disaster preparedness and responsiveness procedures reduce interruption time, protecting your data from incidents and malicious attacks.

Vendor and Tool Experience

  • Managing the myriad of vendors who provide service and support for your business IT can be a time-consuming task.
  • Smart has partnerships and more familiar with the vendors and tools you need to use to manage your IT smartly. 


SMART provides flexibility through a diverse set of Service level agreements based on your need as you can customize your own package:

  • Lite (2 emergencies, 10 remote help, 30 tickets).
  • Pro (3 emergencies, 5 scheduled visits, 15 remote help, 50 tickets).
  • Ultra (4 emergencies, 10 scheduled visits, 20 remote help, 100 Tickets).
  • Customizable SLA.

Help Desk Ticketing System

  • A ticketing system allows IT support to be organized, focused, efficient, and effective.
  • This directly impacts costs and revenues, customer retention, and public brand image.
  • Ultimately, ticketing systems are a means to support and help you deal with any issues/incidents in your organization, managing the incidents from the moment they’re captured through to their resolution.
  • Whether you contact Smart team through a phone call or an email, all your issues will be managed as a ticket for butter monitoring and following-up to meet your need in a short time.

IT Projects

SMART helps you in planning, executing, monitoring and controlling all your IT projects in a professional and smart way.


Whatever IT issues you are facing, you can consult SMART team at any time, from anywhere and definitely you will find an ad hoc basis solutions that fit your need. 

Device Support

Smart helps in providing the needed assistance with setting up a new device, installing hardware, solving printer issues, updating issues, or any other technical troubleshooting for the company IT devices

Classroom Technology support

Smart helps you run your classes in a more sophisticated and digitalized way so students can learn fast and smart.

Wi-Fi Services

Smart participates in offering you Wi-Fi for making your workplace much suitable for workers and to have all what they need to work.

Application Support

Smart assists the employees in applications' troubleshooting so employees can focus on running the business and smart focuses on running IT Services.

IT Monitoring

  • This service provides monitoring of systems infrastructure and application availability and facilitates faster responses and coordination to address operational issues affecting your company's system.
  • This service can tie stand-alone monitoring solutions together to create an integrated, unified monitoring solution that provides situational awareness and automated internal notification rather than relying on end-users to notify IT service providers of problems. 

Server migrations & data transfers

Smart helps you smartly in moving your data from one server to another.

Firewall installation and configurations

Smart helps your organization to be fully protected.

Networking Solutions

Smart offers the development and implementation of network solutions:

  • Local area network (LAN).
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).
  • Distributed corporate networks (WAN)
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Access, Distribution and Core level device setup and installation
  • VPN setup and implementation

Automation Solutions

Smart provides your company with an automation solution so we guarantee you a higher production rate and increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality and improved safety. 


Smart provides backup and recovery for all your system and data.

Integration Solutions

Smart provides you with Integration solutions which are tailored to your need.

Mail Servers

Internet Setup

Head Office

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