SMART Technology Solutions is a Saudi company started in 2007. We support companies, institutions and business owners technically in all their services needs. We create and manage IT services for you without the need to build your own department for that


SMART is a one stop IT Services provider, focus on Small and Mid-sized Enterprises. We help entrepreneurs and businesses owners to focus on the core of their businesses and let SMART do IT for them. SMART will be your company’s IT backbone. No matter which field you are in. Since 2007 and for more than 15 years we have successful stories serving so many fields in both Public & Private sectors as their MSP and full IT provider.

Our Vision

“We are an Extremely Trusted & Fun Technology Provider, with a humanly WoW Service that always exceeds expectations. We add value to our Team, Partners, and Clients* and we are their family and friends. Team, Culture, and humanity is a top priority for us. Our services cover the Middle East and Africa. We will be Dominating the IT Services for Small and Mid-sized business based on number of satisfied clients* We are the IT and Technology One stop shop Solution Provider that focus on helping organizations to reach their objectives and beyond.

*Client: Anyone we meet or deal with as person, business or organization.”

SMART Values

  • Deliver WOW Through Service
  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Create fun and a Little Weirdness
  • Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-minded
  • Build Open and Honest
    Relationship with Human Communication
  • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  • Do More With Less
  • Be Humble
  • Be Passionate and Determined
  • Pursue Growth and Learning


  • Albara Bahjatt

  • Faisal Baadhim

  • Muhannad Alattar

  • Ahmed Sindi

  • Abdullah Abdulrahman

  • Hatim Taj

  • Feras Elhajah

  • Ahmad Alahmadi

  • Sufian Khan


Career Opportunity

Join our talented team–work together to solve the most challenging
problems of industry and organizations.

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