How SMART Can Help Shipping Industry

Client Overview

E-load is an innovative platform that fundamentally transforms the shipping industry by seamlessly connecting shippers with carriers. This case study explores how E-load enhances transparency, efficiency, and reliability in the logistics sector, benefiting both carriers and shippers.

  • Client Need

    Shippers: Difficulty finding reliable carriers, inefficient booking processes, lack of transparency in shipment tracking, and high shipping costs.

    Carriers: Inconsistent work opportunities, empty runs decreasing profitability, manual and time-consuming paperwork.

  • Our Solutions

    Planned Shipment: Developed a platform feature for precise scheduling, and optimizing logistics.

    Digitized Experience: Built a user-friendly platform for booking, simplifying the process for both parties.

    Comprehensive Reporting: Integrated reporting tools for data-driven decision-making about shipping performance.

    Backhauling: Implemented a system to identify backhaul opportunities, minimizing empty runs and reducing costs.

  • Benefits for Shippers

    Cost-Effective Solutions: Access to affordable load options compared to traditional methods.

    Quick Matching: Efficient system for finding suitable carriers, reducing downtime.

    Enhanced Visibility: Real-time tracking and updates keep shippers informed about their shipments.

  • Benefits for Carriers

    Regular Work Opportunities: Consistent flow of shipping requests ensures consistent work.

    Flexibility and Choice: Select loads that fit the schedule and capacity, optimizing carrier operations.

    Efficiency in Operations: Digitized platform eliminates manual processes, freeing up time for service delivery.