How SMART can help Automating Consultancy Industry

Client Overview

Strategic Gears is a cutting-edge platform specifically designed for a consultancy firm, aimed at digitizing, and optimizing their evaluation processes. This case study focuses on how the platform employs advanced mathematical methods to streamline peer evaluations, automate reporting, and enhance decision-making processes.

  • Challenges

    Manual Evaluation Matrix Creation: The process of building evaluation matrices was manual and time-consuming.

    Manual Calculation of Results: The company previously relied on manual methods to calculate the evaluation results, which led to increased effort and the potential for errors.

    Feedback Collection: The process of gathering and analyzing feedback was difficult and it slowed down our efficiency.


  • Our Solutions

    Automated Evaluator Matching: SMART eliminated manual selection with a sophisticated system that automatically identifies the most suitable peers for mutual evaluations.
    Automated Report Generation: The platform replaced time-consuming report creation with an automated system, ensuring faster and more accurate results.
    Comprehensive Recommendation Module: Going beyond automation, SMART integrated a recommendation module that not only generates reports but also provides actionable insights based on the evaluation results.

  • Impact and Benefits

    Enhanced Efficiency: The automation of evaluator matching, and report generation has significantly reduced manual labor and time expenditure.
    Increased Accuracy: The mathematical model ensures precise matching and evaluation results, minimizing human error.
    Improved Decision-Making: With comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations, decision-makers are better equipped to make informed choices.
    Streamlined Feedback Process: The platform’s ability to collect and analyze feedback efficiently has improved the overall quality of evaluations.